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Market Makers

Did you know that about 90% of traders don't make money. Is it then a coincidence that 90% of retail brokers are market makers? No it is not. When you trade with a market maker you will get broker! You can't win with one of these. The latest stats show that 92% of Forex Brokers in the retail Forex industry are market makers even though they will lie to you and deny it. When your broker is willing to let you fund with under $10 000, you can bet that he is a market maker because there are only 2 brokers, that are not market makers, willing to take small deposits. I don't want to use this forum to promote anyone so I will just mention the first 2 letters of the brokers names.
The First goof broker is LM** and the second is TD*******. If your broker's name doesn't appear parcially then you have a big problem


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  • Hi Thank you for the info, will definitely use it, I am new to forex and still learning, So the info you have provided will help me alot
  • TDMARKETS.COM is the best broker and that is what the TD****** stands for right. I used to loose money trading with so many Forex brokers. I used to think that the problem was with me. Since trying TDMARKETS.COM 4 months ago I have had 113 winning days and only 8 losing or break even days.

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